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Legendary Profiles of Bitcointalk.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcointalk profile 2. HODL this is not a profile, but the topic on the forum, if you were interested in where the expression HODL came from 3. Pirateat40. As it is known Satoshi has one million bitcoins in his wallet, which still was not moving, but there is one forum member who […]

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The Creation of Bitcoin

The Creation of Bitcoin….. New updated info 01/21/15. New info concerning a Jim McCoy concept will be added very soon. The Intro: I started going down this rabbit hole when I first started researching about the concept of bitcoin. The following information and links in this blog is where I kept going in circles for […]

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Favourite Crypto Websites

Favourite Crypto News Sites: Favourite Crypto Discussion Sites: Favourite Crypto Research sites:

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HODL Meaning HODL is a slang term and Internet meme that is used in the Bitcoin community when referring to holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it.

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What is Blockchain? Blockchain Explained. Our block explorer allows you to search and navigate through the entire Payment Coin (POD) blockchain. The online browser displays the contents of individual blocks and transactions. It is a fully open and transparent public ledger.

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