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All You Need to Know About Bitcoins Price Rise, From Zero to Thousands
The initial price of bitcoin, set in 2010, was $0.03. Now it’s worth [vcw-price-label symbol=”BTC” color=”white” currency=”USD” url=”” target=”_blank”]. Once seen as the province of nerds, and libertarians, Bitcoin today is drawing millions of dollars from wall street investors.

Bitcoin Price History (Key Price Milestones)
Bitcoin Price 2009 – $0
Bitcoin Price 2010 – $0.003 (first pricing on
Bitcoin Price 2011 – $31.0 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2012 – $12.0 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2013 – $1242 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2014 – $1,000 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2015 – $504 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2016 – $780 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2017 – $17,900 (peak)
Bitcoin Price 2018 – TBD


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