What Did This Swiss Software Developer Have To Do With The Launch Of Bitcoin?


While the true identity of the possibly pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery, there is one man who can be linked definitively to the digital cryptocurrency prior to its public debut.

He’s a software developer who goes by the name Michael Weber, appears to be in his early 30s, and has a fondness for tight t-shirts, working out, heavily gelled hair, and sunglasses.

Based on his apparent connection to Bitcoin.org, the site used by Nakamoto in 2008 to launch the digital currency, Weber has been cited on multiple forums as potentially being one of the people behind the Bitcoin.

While there’s no evidence Weber authored the Bitcoin code, the creator of the cryptocurrency clearly used his services. Furthermore, Business Insider has found additional connections between Weber and Nakamoto, as well as new information demonstrating Weber’s past interest in anonymous online banking.

Weber has not responded to multiple requests for comment from Business Insider made via his email and phone numbers in Japan and Mexico.

The WHOIS domain records for Bitcoin.org show the site was first registered in 2008 to “Anonymousspeech LLC,” a company dedicated to providing anonymous email and web surfing services to customers. In a recent email to BI, Martti Malmi, a developer who is one of Nakamoto’s earliest confirmed collaborators, told Business Insider that Bitcoin.org was “originally created by Satoshi.”

Though his name did not appear on the Bitcoin.org registration, there is substantial information indicating Weber has played a key role in “AnonymousSpeech LLC.”

AnonymousSpeech.com, the website associated with that company, shows it is dedicated to providing anonymous email and web surfing services to customers. An archived description on the site from 2007 said the company “specialises in international law and IT security consulting” and had been “based in Tokyo, Japan since 1996.” By 2009, the AnonymousSpeech.com site indicated the company was “located in Switzerland” and, as a result, “governed by Swiss law and allowed to delete customer data legally from its servers.”

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