Not Satoshi Nakamoto


Jose Abad-Peiro Martin Abadi Alessandro Acquisti Leonard Adleman Gordon Agnew Ross Anderson N. Asokan Derek Atkins Tuomas Aura Stefan Axelsson Philippe Béguin Jon Baber Adam Back Alireza Bahreman Shahram Bakhtiari Doug Barnes Don Beaver Mihir Bellare Steven Bellovin Josh Benaloh Francesco Bergadano Tom Berson Elisa Bertino Thomas Beth Albrecht Beutelspacher Eli Biham Tina Bird Alex Biryukov Matt...

Why Johnny can’t encrypt: a usability evaluation of PGP 5.0


User errors cause or contribute to most computer security failures, yet user interfaces for security still tend to be clumsy, confusing, or near-nonexistent. Is this simply due to a failure to apply standard user interface design techniques to security? We argue that, on the contrary, effective security requires a different usability standard, and that it will not be achieved through the user...

Bitcoin CIA Presentation


The World’s First
digital currency
Presented by Gavin Andresen to the CIA:

World’s richest 0.1% have boosted their wealth by as much as poorest half


World’s richest 0.1% have boosted their wealth by as much as poorest half. Inequality report also shows UK’s 50,000 richest people have seen their share of the country’s wealth double since 1984. The richest 0.1% of the world’s population have increased their combined wealth by as much as the poorest 50% – or 3.8 billion people – since 1980, according to a report detailing the widening gap...

Bitcoin is None of the Things it was Supposed to be


BITCOIN IS NONE OF THE THINGS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. The cryptocurrency was supposed to replace the finance industry. Instead, it has replicated it. On Thursday, the price of Bitcoin fluctuated by thousands of dollars in a 24-hour period. The Coinbase app — which lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and is the number two free app in the App Store as of this writing — started freezing and...

Legendary Profiles of Bitcointalk.


1. Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcointalk profile 2. HODL this is not a profile, but the topic on the forum, if you were interested in where the expression HODL came from 3. Pirateat40. As it is known Satoshi has one million bitcoins in his wallet, which still was not moving, but there is one forum member who had 500,000 bitcoins, it’s “pirateat40”, but this money was not his, as...

The Creation of Bitcoin


The Creation of Bitcoin….. New updated info 01/21/15. New info concerning a Jim McCoy concept will be added very soon. The Intro: I started going down this rabbit hole when I first started researching about the concept of bitcoin. The following information and links in this blog is where I kept going in circles for several months. I did find the answer to the mystery, but I feel each person...

Still don’t believe Nick Szabo is Satoshi? Read this.


During the spring of 2014, Hal Finney gave the Wall Street Journal a copy of some old emails he had received from Satoshi during January 2009. I was reading through these old emails (link) and noticed a strange comment by Satoshi in the following exchange: ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Satoshi Nakamoto Date: Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 8:41...