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List of Satoshi Candidates

A list of Crypto folks: Aaron Swartz Abida Khattak Adam Back Adam Shostack Adam Young Adi Shamir Adrian Perrig Alain Mayer Alan Sherman Albert Levi Albrecht Beutelspacher Alessandro Acquisti Alessandro Piva Alex Biryukov Alfred J. Menezes Alfred Menezes Alfredo De Santis Ali Selcuk Alice Silverberg Alireza Bahreman Amir Herzberg Amir Taaki Amos Fiat Amr Youssef […]

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Bitcoin source code from November 2008.

Accidentally discovered a mind-blowing artefact of Bitcoin history. I had heard rumors of its existence. I give you: the pre-release source code of Bitcoin! … Confirmation by Satoshi many had access to code when he mined Genesis: … TL;DR Satoshi got many people to review the Bitcoin source code, so this means he […]

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The Time Zones of Satoshi Nakamoto

An early draft of the Bitcoin paper from October 2008 has the following information in its metadata: 64 0 obj endobj A later draft, the one published at has the following: 67 0 obj endobj Together the timestamp values 20081003134958–07’00’ and 20090324113315–06’00’ demonstrate that the computer used to export the paper to PDF had […]

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The Creation of Bitcoin

The Creation of Bitcoin….. New updated info 01/21/15. New info concerning a Jim McCoy concept will be added very soon. The Intro: I started going down this rabbit hole when I first started researching about the concept of bitcoin. The following information and links in this blog is where I kept going in circles for […]

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

  Read full document @ PDF. Discuss on Bitcointalk. A list of clues that helped decrypt who is Satoshi Nakamoto: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto – #1 ‘It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context. WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.’ – Satoshi Nakamoto. […]

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