Third-Party Global Mining Pools

All mining pools are operated by third party companies.


For more experienced users. Use your own mining software. Solo mining is feasible during the early lifecycle of a coin. However as more miners adopt a coin, competition makes solo mining harder (but never impossible). Under these circumstances we recommend pooled mining.

Another option to mine coins is to use rented hardware. There are many services, but we recommend an established service provider such as Mining Rig Rentals. Their platform is user friendly for beginners and novices and can be setup and running within 5 minutes.

GUIDE: How to mine POD Payment Coins using rented hash power

1.  Visit
2.  Create user account
3.  Click Username –> Balance and add some funds
4.  Click Rigs –> Scrypt
5.  Search based on hashrate, price, reputation etc.
6.  Click RENT NOW button for selected rig
7.  Under POOL CONFIGURATION click edit icon by row 1
8.  Populate the pooled mining details (see screenshot)
9.  Sit back and relax as POD Payment Coins are mined.