Meet The Team



Payment Coin (POD) was started as an experiment in 2016. The project is open source and has been helped by multi-talented crypto blockchain experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, and engineers from all walks of life.  The research that Payment Coin (POD) is based on has been provided by some of the best talent from ex S&P500 and FTSE100 listed companies.


Project Founders (Inactive)*

  • Parallax (Anonymous Founder)
  • Podtoshi (Anonymous Researcher)

Community Team (Active)

  • James (Business Manager)
  • Al (Project Manager)
  • Trush (Technical Dev Lead)
  • Loldo (Social Media Manager)

We have the best crypto research foundations. As we continue to grow, we are committed to recruiting the brightest top-performers and industry experts to help us continue to bring our vision to life.

* It should be noted that some of the best crypto projects have been founded by anonymous founders. Bitcoin was created by the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto and Cryptonote by the anonymous founder Nicolas van Saberhagen. Payment Coin (POD) is based on the findings left by Parallax and Podtoshi.


In this relentless transformation of money, there are some casualties. Those who do not have bank accounts and have no access to the world of electronic money must rely on cash to live. But in a universe where bits are king, cash is an expensive commodity — and having to depend on it will trap people in poverty. So the money revolution is likely to widen the gap between rich and poor. Revolutions are rarely fair, often unpredictable, but usually irresistible. The rise of Payment Coin (POD) is no exception. Take part today, tomorrow maybe too late.