The truth behind cryptocurrencies. Look beyond the trading news and you will find the truth behind Cryptocurrencies. Less than 0.1% of the worlds population control 99.9% of all the wealth. The banking system is an old system that will not change nor be fixed. Cryptocurrencies are driving change and are not alone, as Silicon Valley is on a head on collision with Wall Street.


It is hard to find news about Cryptocurrencies that are not investment related. Since 2015 the mainstream media has focused on the huge returns from Bitcoin and other Altcoins. Many web sites are full of reminders that if you had invested $100 in Bitcoin back in 2009, you would be a millionaire. While this is good news for the Cryptocurrency movement, the overload of trading related information has clouded the true revolution – a change to the current banking system and journey to financial freedom.


Verge +1,011,718%
BConnect +287,598%
RaiBlocks +249,583%


Monero +2,668%
NEM +2,169%
GameCredits +1,465%


Rubycoin +6,930%
CasinoCoin +5,433%
Emercoin +1,112%


FuelCoin +36,208%
DNotes +16,339%
BlackCoin +572%


Quark +28,722%
Megacoin +27,519%
Anoncoin +24,504%


Bitcoin – you would be a millionaire if you HODL!


Deja-vu. Believe it or not, the Cryptocurrency journey has many parallels to the Internet. Anyone who was an early adopter on the Internet will see the many similarities. The difference with Cryptocurrency is the complexity of the problem domain; and the powerful institutions, governments and ultra-rich that control the money and wealth. The journey has just begun.

Internet - What They Said?

Year 1

Internet is hard to use. What is a terminal? What is an email? Only used by geeks. Internet is bound to fail.

Year 5

Internet is used by criminals for porn and illegal activities. The Internet needs regulation.

Year 7

It is not safe. No one will it to buy online. Businesses have nothing to worry about. Internet is too slow.

Year 9

Post NASDAQ crash. Internet is a FAD. It will not change how global business operates.

Year 12

No one will share personal information online. No one will socialise using the Internet.

Year 25+

The Internet is the greatest invention ever. The Internet has liberated information and become the single biggest commerce platform.

Crypto - What They Said?

Year 1

Cryptocurrency is hard to understand. What is mining? How do you send coins to an address? Only used by geeks. Cryptocurrency is bound to fail.

Year 5

Cryptocurrency is used by criminals for money laundering and drugs. Cryptocurrencies needs regulation.

Year 7

It is not safe. Hackers are targeting wallets and exchanges. Banks and governments have nothing to worry about. Cryptocurrency processing time is too slow.

Year 9

Post MEDIA-TRADE crash. Cryptocurrency is a FAD. It will not change how global banking operates.

Year 12

What they will say? No one will accept Cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts will not change how global business operates.


What they will say? Cryptocurrencies is the greatest invention since the Internet. Cryptocurrency has liberated money and wealth to everyone globally.


POD Payment Coin is built on proven crypto algorithm and technology. You use a digital wallet to send coin payments to friends, family, and companies. It is as simple as sending an email or WhatsApp message. The system is underpinned by complex secure mathematics referred to as Cryptography; and the data is stored in a new technology called Blockchain.

What does this all mean? POD Payment Coin is a very attractive and investible product. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies are disruptive and growing at an exponential rate. We believe as a new easy to access cryptocurrency, it will be attractive to regular normal people in large numbers. Our roadmap is based on accessibility and our ex-banking knowledge provides an inside advantage on opportunities to realise Satoshi Nakamotos original vision: creation of a real person-to-person digital currency.


Cryptocurrencies are building the ‘The Internet of Money’. All businesses dealing with finance and valuable data will run on a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are the future store of value. The banking system is old and change is in motion. The Internet freed information to 99.9% of the worlds population, and likewise Cryptocurrencies will provide financial freedom.

POD Payment Coin is taking its own approach to achieve this vision. Phase 1.0 builds a new payment coin based on the original Bitcoin codebase. Phase 2.0 focuses on the creation of a modern ‘one click’ digital wallet and mobile application. These will bring cryptocurrencies to normal people around the world including one click mining. This is our USP development that we have nicknamed ‘The Netscape Navigator for Cryptocurrencies’. Phase 3.0 will create an extended ‘fair mining algorithm’ that will balance the ‘CPU vs GPU vs ASIC’ mining for the remaining coins; ensuring fairness and global opportunities. In our experience most crypto whitepapers are full of noise. The following 3 foundation documents provide everything you need to know: 1. Paymentcoin whitepaper, 2. Bitcoin whitepaper and 3. Bitcoin CIA presentation. POD Payment Coin builds on these; and our technical extracts will be released as development progresses (to keep a competitive edge on our ideas).