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POD Payment Coin is an attempt to create a new payment system instead of bank and credit cards that were designed in the 1950s! The system uses its own currency, the POD. To get people using the system, we are allocating PODs for free to people that sign-up now. It is 100% free. Just download or register online. There is nothing to lose; but if our payment system becomes a world leader, the PODs can be worth a lot in the future.



What? POD Payment Coin is a modern peer-to-peer digital currency.  It is built on the Bitcoin codebase and offers high levels of security, privacy, stability and speed. POD Payment Coin enables anyone on the planet to send electronic cash instantly, without the involvement of trusted third parties. The decentralised cryptocurrency revolution cuts out the banking middle-layer and puts the power back in the hands of the people (all 7 billion+).

Bitcoin was the first true cryptocurrency. Altcoin is the term used for all other cryptocurrencies. So POD Payment Coin is a cryptocurrency and Altcoin. The main differences between POD Payment Coin and Bitcoin are:

    • POD (84 million coins) vs Bitcoin (21 million coins)
    • POD (Scrypt encryption) vs Bitcoin (SHA-256 encryption)
    • POD (2.5 minute block  time) vs Bitcoin (10 minute block time)
    • POD (access-dev roadmap) vs Bitcoin (crypto-dev roadmap)


Why? The founding cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto following the banking crisis. His vision was the creation of an alternative global currency, free of governmental controls and independent of all financial institutions. Its settlement system created a ledger technology called Blockchain which was based on complex mathematical algorithms requiring proof of work to achieve crypto resiliency. POD Payment Coin builds on top of the Bitcoin foundations, with a vision to simplify and improve accessibility for all users.


How? Cryptocurrency is the biggest revolution in the finance industry for the last 200 hundreds years. Many of the worlds greatest economists and industry experts have said so themselves. The POD Payment Coin and Blockchains transformational power is comparable to how TCP/IP changed the Internet. The Internet helped decentralise information; and likewise cryptocurrency will decentralise money. We have made getting access to the POD Payment Coin as simple as possible. Download POD Payment Coin or Login Online and start earning coins within 60 seconds. The step-by-step guide is designed for users with no previous experience in cryptocurrencies.


Who? No single centralised entity owns the POD Payment Coin network; just as no one can own the Internet. POD Payment Coin is controlled by all the users participating in transactions using the cryptocurrency. This is the true Power of Decentralisation (POD).


Value? As the community grows and the POD Payment Coin is accepted, market valuation should change (remember once upon a time one Bitcoin was worth nothing!). Always consult a licensed financial professional before making any investments in cryptocurrencies, as they are extremely risky and volatile. We recommend you start with mining or earning bounty coins as it is free.


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Add Coin to a Wallet

Launch your digital wallet and add POD Payment Coins.

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Send/Receive with Wallet

Send and receive POD Payment Coins around the world.


Built on secure and proven crypto technology.



0.25% = Charity Fund
0.25% = Bounty Fund

Coin Type: PoW, Algorithm: Scrypt
Block Time: 2.5 min, Block Reward: 50
Block Halving Rate: 840,000