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Payment Coin is an unique project with big potential. What started off as an experiment in 2016 has led to R&D that will help Payment Coin surpass most crypto projects on CoinMarketCap. What we need is financial support and partnerships to help fast-track our development.

Satoshi Nakamoto only approved half a dozen crypto projects in-flight in 2021. Understand Satoshi, understand the real crypto potential. Get in touch; together we can change everything.

We have all the research and design.

Join us for an opportunity of a lifetime.

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    The global financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation led by the creation of modern future proof cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money.  Their universal access allows anyone with an internet connection to utilize the power of this innovative technology. Payment Coin (POD) is simply a faster next generation form of digital cash than Bitcoin.