Research & Development


How can Payment Coin (POD) take on well established crypto projects with huge financial backing and large development teams. We have an unique USP in our cutting edge research and discovery. Our findings have transformative potential of genesis block scale; which we aim to convert into development deliverables in 2021/22 to shake-up the crypto and financial industry.

Years of detailed crypto research and chain-analysis gives Payment Coin (POD) the best chance to complete Satoshi Nakamotos original Bitcoin vision. 10 years on from its release no cryptocurrency has solved decentralised scalability, let alone attempt the untold development of the full product.   Think you know what Bitcoin is? or what is was supposed to be?Read on to be amazed. This section is for advanced crypto advocates, researchers and investors.

Question: What is Bitcoin?
  • Electronic Cash?
  • Speculative investment asset?
  • Both electronic cash and speculative investment asset?

If you chose any of the options above, the answer is wrong! Bitcoin was supposed to be a distributed peer-to-peer digital economy powered by electronic cash. This is the untold story of Bitcoin origins based on the original codebase and research. It should be clear that most crypto projects abandoned the original vision over the last decade only because they were unable to solve distributed scalability, reputation and privacy; in conclusion not knowing Bitcoin at its core. Payment Coin (POD) = distributed peer-to-peer digital economy powered by electronic cash.