Research & Development


How can Payment Coin (POD) take on well established crypto projects with huge financial backing and large development teams. We have an unique USP in our cutting edge research and discovery. Our findings have transformative potential of genesis block scale; which we aim to convert into development deliverables in 2021/22 to shake-up the crypto and financial industry.

Years of detailed crypto research and chain-analysis gives Payment Coin (POD) the best chance to complete Satoshi Nakamotos original Bitcoin vision. 10 years on from its release no cryptocurrency has solved decentralised scalability, let alone attempt the untold development of the full product.   Think you know what Bitcoin is? or what is was supposed to be?Read on to be amazed. This section is for advanced crypto advocates, researchers and investors.

Question: What is Bitcoin?
  • Electronic Cash?
  • Speculative investment asset?
  • Both electronic cash and speculative investment asset?

If you chose any of the options above, the answer is wrong! Bitcoin was supposed to be a distributed peer-to-peer digital economy powered by electronic cash. This is the untold story of Bitcoin origins based on the original codebase and research. It should be clear that most crypto projects abandoned the original vision over the last decade only because they were unable to solve distributed scalability, reputation and privacy; in conclusion not knowing Bitcoin at its core. Payment Coin (POD) = distributed peer-to-peer digital economy powered by electronic cash.

Question: What was Satoshi Nakamoto trying to Build?
Satoshi Nakamoto started building Bitcoin in 2007 and left behind hundreds of emails, forum posts, source code and literature.

From these sources we can confirm 100% what his vision was (including unpublished work):

Distributed Computational Economy with Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
Electronic Cash (Payment Coin)Complete
Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)Complete
Distributed Marketplace (Crypto Powered Amazon+eBay)In-progress
Distributed Reputation Mechanism (Short-term / Long-term)In-progress
Distributed Scalability (Beyond VISA)In-progress
Enhanced Pseudo Anonymous PrivacyIn-progress
Crypto Simplification for Mass AdoptionIn-progress


Do We Know Satoshi Nakamoto?
Most likely! Our world leading research led us to a new Satoshi candidate; and an interesting conversation. Our roadmap was given the thumbs up by no other than the original creator himself. Read full document.

Satoshi Conversation Insights
  • Satoshi mixed reactions to Bitcoin trajectory
  • Do not trust current banking takeover
  • Some great crypto developments from other projects (not named)
  • Working on something big behind the scenes (not crypto)

The main takeaway was that our aspirational roadmap was very close to his original vision. So using unpublished works and research the Payment Coin (POD) team will aim to complete the real Bitcoin! Please note the Payment Coin (POD) team has tried to reach out and share our research with key Bitcoin players in the community. Each attempt has been sadly ignored as they pursue their own roadmap. We can take confidence that our roadmap is on the right trajectory; the one coin to rule them all.

What Proof Do You Have?
  • Only copy of the original draft Bitcoin whitepaper
  • Pre-Bitcoin crypto research and analysis
  • Unpublished facts (and only available to us)


What Will You Do With This Info?
As promised to Satoshi Nakamoto, his identity is protected and will not be dox’d ever. The research and information we discovered will be fed into our project development. Ask yourself this, the crypto ecosystem is worth over $2 trillion dollars in 2021, and yet they have failed to deliver most of Satoshis original use cases!

If we can delivery 5% of what we found (some very complex research), it will boost the wider cryptocurrency movement and ecosystem x100 fold. With great knowledge comes great responsibilities.

Is This All Real?
Yes. We are proud that we were the first to find all this research and development. We are also satisfied that we helped remove trails that will stop anyone from finding him again. He is working on his new initiatives and the crypto domain must progress to complete what was started in 2007. Help and support Payment Coin (POD); its the closest roadmap to the real Bitcoin.

Note: It is interesting that some of the key players from the crypto ecosystem got in touch to find out more when our research was published. Sadly most of these contacts were evaluated as self-serving to protect their own projects and interests. They were only after the identity and not the valuable research findings.

Interesting Facts That Most People Dont Know?
Did you know since Satoshi left Bitcoin, his GMX email accounts were monitored by most leading intelligence services. What they did not know was that with each intrusion, the account was being kept active from becoming dormant and de-activated due to inacvitity. Eventually in September 2014 the accounts actually got hacked (leak from intelligence actors) and email inbox being sold on the darknet. Thankfully the contents were just normal comms regarding original development etc. Motto of the story do not trust centralised parties. De-centralisation of everything is the only way forward. Which is also the reason why Bitcoin was originally created.


The global financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation led by the creation of modern future proof cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money.  Their universal access allows anyone with an internet connection to utilize the power of this innovative technology. Payment Coin (POD) is simply a faster next generation form of digital cash than Bitcoin.