Legendary Profiles of Bitcointalk.


1. Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcointalk profile
2. HODL this is not a profile, but the topic on the forum, if you were interested in where the expression HODL came from
3. Pirateat40. As it is known Satoshi has one million bitcoins in his wallet, which still was not moving, but there is one forum member who had 500,000 bitcoins, it’s “pirateat40”, but this money was not his, as far as I know he organized Ponzi scheme, collected bitcoins, and then safely disappeared, he left only his profile.
4. Hal Finney’s post. Here is another interesting post which was made by Hal Finney, where he tells his story, this man was among of the first who started to support bitcoin’s network, most likely second after Satoshi, as he claims started doing it from the 70th block, often corresponded with the creator of bitcoin, most of the correspondence was about bugs, Satoshi quickly eliminated them.
5. Two pizzas post. Well, probably the most famous story about buying two pizzas for bitcoins, in 2010 a man with a forum nickname “laszlo” offered 10,000 bitcoins to someone who will orderer him two pizzas.
6. TradeFortress. The user with the lowest rating
7. Vitalik Buterin’s profile
8. Did Jercos become rich? Continuation of the story of two pizzas..
9. The story of how Kevin bought 259,684 BTC for $ 2,613 (worth $ 5 million at that time)
10. How many Bitcoins do Satoshi Nakamoto have?

POD Research: Interesting Read: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3247239.0


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