Bitcoin explained. A great introductory video to cryptocurrency. Best 3 minute summary video on the internet. Essential viewing for new crypto starters.

“POD Payment Coin = Cryptocurrency = Electronic cash. You use a digital wallet to send coin payments to friends, family, and companies. It is as simple as sending an email or WhatsApp message. The system is underpinned by complex secure mathematics and computer science often referred to as Cryptography.”

The main differences between POD Payment Coin and Bitcoin are:

    • POD (84 million coins) vs Bitcoin (21 million coins)
    • POD (Scrypt encryption) vs Bitcoin (SHA-256 encryption)
    • POD (2.5 minute block  time) vs Bitcoin (10 minute block time)
    • POD (access-dev roadmap) vs Bitcoin (crypto-dev roadmap)

Ultimate Guide Bitcoin



“Mining software performs an accounting health-check function for the underlying payment ecosystem (using computer processing power), and in return users receive coins in their digital wallet as rewards. Think of this as a digital equivalent of mining gold. You lend your computing processor that can perform millions of calculations per second and in return you earn coin rewards.”

POD Payment Coin mining guide



“Digital wallets are like your real world physical wallets. They track your coin balances and allow you to send coins anywhere in the world. It is critical to secure and protect your wallet.”



“Blockchain is a new type of database for managing electronic cash without a central administrator*. It allows people who don’t know each other to transact securely.”



* Blockchain technology is very powerful. It can be used for a whole variety of use cases in addition to electronic cash.”

Original Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto